Monday, April 27, 2009

A Rose by Any Other Name...

It was a conscious decision to not refer to the new book as a Second Edition. While there are a handful of significant changes, you're not looking at the sort of wide-swept revision seen between 2nd and 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons (or 1st and 2nd or 3rd and 4th for that matter). By and large, a person with a copy of the 1st Edition of OVA and the new Revised Edition can carry on a conversation and even play a game together without confusing each other too much. While new rules and rule changes will be discussed in later posts, I am going to address the substantial number of name changes. Certain Abilities and terms in the original game were a bit unclear, ambiguous, or simply a little inconsistent, and I'm using the Revised Edition to repair some of that. Hopefully the following list will prepare you all at least a bit, though it fails to mention new, removed, or otherwise drastically altered Abilities and Weaknesses. The Original Edition version appears first, followed by the Revised Edition term in bold. Any notes on changes will appear in italics.

Damage Total · Damage Multiplier Damage Total was always misleading, as it was not really a total of anything. Damage Multiplier conveys its actual purpose much better.

Acrobatics · Acrobatic This will be one of many changes for more "description" oriented names for Abilities. I wanted, whenever possible, for character sheets to read like a description of the character. Oddball nouns like Acrobatics or Invention fail to do that well.
Armor · Armored
Charisma · Charismatic
Intimidation · Intimidating
Invention · Inventor
Occult Knowledge · Spirit Medium
Servant · Companion
Unnatural Resistance · Resistance

Airhead · Clueless
Strange Personal Habit · Strange Habit
Unnatural Weakness · Vulnerability

Power Perks and Flaws · Ability Perks and Flaws

Extra Knockback · Mighty Blow
No Attack Gesture · No Gesture
No Knockback · Feather Blow
Slow · Delayed Changed to prevent confusion between the Slow Weakness and the Slow Flaw

On the art front, everyone's favorite robo-girl Miho and her hapless savior Braun make their revised debut. The designs should be familiar to old readers, but there are quite a few new details.

Monday, April 20, 2009

What is to Come

So here we are. It's been over four years since the original OVA Role-Playing Game was released as a PDF in February of 2005. OVA has grown a lot since then, both its dedicated fanbase and the game itself. But with time, hopefully we all grow a little wiser and a little better at what we do. And while OVA accomplished much more than I ever anticipated, it felt like time to revisit this little game and make it the best little game it can be. Enter: OVA Revised Edition!

So what should you expect to see here? This blog is your inside scoop on everything new with the OVA RPG. It's still the same game fans worldwide know and love, just a little bit better in every way. You'll see new rules, and simplification and improvement of old ones. You'll also get a preview of OVA's entirely new look, like the illustration of Raine seen to the right, penned by fan-favorite Niko Geyer. Eventually you may even get a release date - exciting! So check back every Monday and find out more about the new OVA Revised Edition!