Monday, June 8, 2009

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Anime Gaming

One of OVA's greatest strengths is the diverse ways in which rules can be applied. With this diversity, however, comes the price of ambiguity. It's good and well that a given rule can be applied in many ways, but that fails to help if you cannot figure out how to represent a particular idea with it. To guide you on the way, the text is now sprinkled with new Expanded Notes boxes. Instead of explicitly clarifying rules or giving examples of the rules in action, they supply specific ways of how the rules could be used. Next to Scale, an expanded notes box gives tips on how to apply Scale to a mecha campaign. Transformation gives several wildly divergent applications of the Ability to cover everything from henshin transformations to power armors. And an extended description of the Attack Ability describes exactly how to create offensive techniques ranging martial arts, firearms, and energy blasts.

Wait, Attack Ability? What's that you say? You'll have to find out next week!


  1. Do the Expanded Notes cover anything about towels? If not, then this post has been very disinegnuous :P

  2. Very nice. Is there an ETA on when this is going to be available?

    If you're in need of testers, I'm a go.

  3. Joe: Actually it does. You can find it under the Expanded Notes in the Game Master's Section: "How to deal with snarky guys named Joe Mello." ;p

    Nathan: No ETA yet. When there's a proper release date set, I'll update this blog with that information.