Monday, August 3, 2009

On a Roll

While surely I hope to make OVA's long-planned supplements materialize this time around, you know, at some time before paper becomes completely obsolete, I also plan to support the game in a lot of little ways all the time, so that there's not quite such a vacant gap between releases.

While gaming merchandise is one possibility (like cute/cool folders to haul your game notes in), I also am looking into digital supplements to the game. These were planned last time around, but my personal programming expertise left a lot to be desired, and all that came out of it was a dice-roller I never publicly released. This time I hope to do it right, and get some people who actually know what they're doing to help me out.

One of the first things I'd like to release is a dice-roller for the iPhone/iPod Touch OS. Being able to shake your device and actually see 3D rendered results is a lot more tactile and entertaining than one might think! Gandreas Software has produced a very nice generic dice-roller, one which can handle even OVA's offball mechanics. I'm currently speaking with them in the hopes of producing an official OVA version of the app. We'll see!

While we're waiting, are there any other programs you'd like to see for the game?


  1. A simple web based character creator would be great. A way of keeping your characters online and accessable from anywhere I have internet.

  2. I second Joe's suggestion(s).

    But then you've got to get, and pay someone to maintain and/or create, a web-based app to do this.

    Technically, it wouldn't be too difficult, imo... but is it an outlay you want to make?

    [design gears turning]

  3. Oh, and I've got two dice apps on my iPhone =)

    I can attest! They do come in handy, and the ones that *really* replicate the feel of real dice are a hoot.

  4. The people who do do a nice job with a 4e web/iphone app. They run it based on donations. Maybe approaching them would be an idea.

  5. Joe: I'm afraid I'm a complete and utter noob when it comes to web-based things. I do plan to have an online wiki character database perhaps...don't know if that really counts, as it was more geared towards "stat your favorite anime characters" than your personal group's party. But hey, since at least two people are intrigued by this concept...we'll see.

    Steve: I'd give Dicenomicon a try. It's rather pricey, but very powerful and slick-looking to boot. Mach Dice is a nice budget alternative though.