Monday, October 19, 2009

Black Magic Woman

For those of you who remember Yuu's introduction a while back, you've probably been eagerly awaiting what other new face is in store for OVA. Enter: Carol*!

Carol is a mish-mash of quite a few archetypes, which befits her mixed heritage of an African-American father and a Japanese shinto priest. Despite her inherited talents for seeing spirits, Carol spent most of her life shunning it in favor of the glamor of stage magic.

But the death of her teacher at the hands of a malevolent spirit caused her to adjust her view on things. Now accepting her mother's talents more openly, she runs a paranormal detective agency. It's a pale facade for her real goal: to someday meet up with the spirit that had changed her life forever – and do more than simply send it back to where it came from.

So, basically, you have a gumshoe-shintoist-stage magician that can use playing cards like ofuda, traditional Japanese paper talismans. Only in anime!

* Name is subject to change. What can I say, I'm indecisive.


  1. Thank you for considering a character with this kind of background. Clay, you may remember me from your forums. I go by the name of Cloud. I am an african american and one thing that I do not see very often is other african americans in anime or in other media (well non-typical anyway). Most anime do not have characters who live outside of japan so its to be expected.

    Anyway, I am just saying thank you for your consideration.

  2. Hey, Cloud! I'm glad it has prompted such a nice reaction. I hope other African-American gamers will be pleased with it, too.