Monday, January 18, 2010

Release Date


will be celebrating is 5th anniversary this year on February 12. So you can look at this as sort of its 5 year, 5 month, 5 day anniversary. On the issue that you cannot actually include months and days in the nice definition of anniversary – I think we can let it slide.

But don't abandon this blog just yet, dear readers. While the weekly update may be gone, I'll still be peppering this place with news, artwork, and other OVA-inclined content. Be sure to add this blog's RSS to your reader of choice so you don't miss a thing!

Thank you all for your readership and support.


  1. Wow... that is reeaally far off into the future!!! Shoot, Eoris might actually be out by then. ^_~

    Well, hey, you've got a ton of time to do this thing right... so don't disappoint because
    I plan on buying OVA Revised when it drops. =D

  2. When are the forums on coming back up again?

  3. The forums have been fixed. Sorry for the downtime.

  4. I Formally request a character sheet preview! I would also ask for a more robust sheet this time around; the last one was hard to use and to my knowledge no one did a decent fan sheet for it.

  5. Well, I can't say I didn't hope it was sooner, but... well, that's not so bad! Surely the months will fly by as we anxiously await OVA Revised~

    Malckuss - I... erm... made a fan sheet. ^ ^;;; I did it when my group decided to meet online and I wanted something more organized to look at then some of the sheets my group was sending me. I'll post it on the forums and you can decide if it'll work for you until we get a shiny new official one! :D

  6. I guess I will keep using BESM 3.0 until this arrives. I really do want to go back to OVA, but I lost my copy and I truly dispise reading .pdf files on my laptop...maybe that is a reason to buy the iPad. How do I convince my wife of that? :)

  7. Wow, Clay. Can you believe it? I wrote to you twice yesterday, not knowing that the new edition of OVA was indeed that close. Today I found this blog. Of course, I subscribed to it right away. The new character pictures look fantastic. I'm going to buy a copy in July, be it Lulu or otherwise.