Wednesday, December 29, 2010

OVA Print-On-Demand Details

DriveThru RPG and RPGNow continue to gradually roll out their Print-On-Demand service to customers week by week, but by now many of you should be able to order the book. Even better, you can get it for the thrifty price of $14.95. That's a $5 savings over the original release, and that doesn't even include the $5 coupon offer!

I just got my copy in today. For those of you who care about such things, I thought I should detail how it differs from the original print run. (Or how I think it differs. Due to some mismanagement, I never received a copy of OVA. Strange, sad, but true! Anyone who has a mint copy laying around I'd be glad to pay a premium for it! *laughs*) Err...back to the topic.
  • The advertisement for webcomics and the original feedback form have been removed.
  • The original ISBN has been removed and replaced with the DTRPG/RPGNow logos.
  • The print quality is good, but not great. Flat areas of color have a splotchy effect, images are not as sharp as they could be, and there is no bleed on the pages. Bleed is what allows artwork and graphics to reach the edge of the page, and without it you may see a thin white border on some of the pages.
These things are part of the reason I'm offering the book at the reduced price, but trust me, it still looks good, and I imagine many of you wouldn't care about the difference. It beats tracking down over-priced secondhand copies, I'm sure!


  1. It's the old edition, dude. Which is going to be obsolete soon, so what you're selling is effectively a $5 coupon for $15. Um . . . no. Just get OVA2 out and I'll buy that book at cover price.

  2. Some people are looking for a copy, and offering this is not affecting progress on the Revised book in any way. If you don't want it, don't buy it. I offer the coupon and discount not because I think it's such a great "deal" but because many customers are on the fence about whether to buy the game now or wait it out. This just makes it easier for people who don't mind paying a little now to play right away. Trust me, I'm doing all I can to get OVA Revised out as soon as possible. I apologize for those of you who have been waiting eagerly for it for some time.

  3. Gonna pick a copy up next week when i get paid, hopefuly the shipping price wont be as bad as lulu for UK buyers.

  4. Michael Wolf at Stargazer's World talked like shipping was pretty reasonable, as they printed in London, I believe, and shipped to Germany.

    You can read about his experiences here:

    My one POD book I've ordered from them looked fine, but it was originally in black and white, I believe, which will have an effect, obviously.

  5. Hi there!

    You probably don't remember me, but I was Kazuhiko back with the Returners RPG. Just picked this up via POD on Drivethru -- looks lovely! I think I may need to grab another copy as soon as pocketbook allows.

    Good to see you've done well :D